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Welkom bij Taj Mahal Gent

De beste Indiase keuken in de stad

Authentieke Indische keuken in Gent. Ervaar vandaag nog de levendige smaken bij Taj Mahal.

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Welcome to Taj Mahal, an exquisite Indian restaurant nestled in the heart of Gent. Our culinary haven is dedicated to bringing you the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of India. Our skilled chefs craft tantalizing tandoori grills and flavorful curries, using locally sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality. With a diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences, Taj Mahal offers an unforgettable dining experience. Step into our warm and inviting atmosphere, where passion and perfection meet, and allow us to transport you to the enchanting land of spices and culinary wonders.

indian food - saag paneer curry dish
Taj Mahak - Indian Restaurant


Authentieke Indische keuken in Gent. Ervaar vandaag nog de levendige smaken bij Taj Mahal.

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Taj Mahal Restaurant

Finest Indian Cuisine in Town




Oudburg 43, 9000 Gent



Wat klanten zeggen over Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal – Indian Restaurant

Catherine Montiel 22/06/2023

I really liked the tofu tikka masala, it was not spicy, so easy and nice to eat. The Indian dishes come with biryani white rice, I also ordered cheese naan, it was fresh and delicious. My mom had chinese noddles and also enjoyed it a lot.

I Ting Tsai 14/06/2023

The food is super delicious! Especially the naan dipped in curry ~ the taste of the super noodles is also adjusted just right, and the noodles are elastic!

chris de paepe 16/06/2023

dit is echt wel een ven de beste indische restaurants met de echte smaken , top